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Wind up LED Torches

Q: Hi, I’m interested in the Sontax Magic torch/radio but am not sure it will match my mobile phone.
A: The Sontax Magic Torch Plus does have 4 adapter tips included in the pack, unfortunately we do not have any other tips for the Sontax phones.

Eco friendly Pest Control

Q: Are the European Wasp Trap baits different to the fly baits?
A: Yes the wasp baits are a different formula to the wasp baits.

Q: What is the difference between the OATES Clean Enviro Bathroom Mitts and the kitchen mitts?
A: Just the colour. The green (kitchen) and white (bathroom) mitts are the same in all respects, the colour code is an industrial standard.

Water Conservation

Q: Can the Holman 2 hour tap timer be fitted to a gravity feed tank?
A: It will not work very well, a lot depends on the head of water, but usually the mechanical timers need a good pressure to work properly. There are low pressure battery-operated timerslike the Holman Low Pressure Tap Timer which is designed for use on water tanks. Possibly the Gardenmate Easy Program Automatic Tap Timers will work on gravity feed systems too.

Q: How do you reset the timer on a Gardenmate Two Dial Automatic tap Timer? It was set to come on at 5am however It was adjusted so it now comes on at a different time and I don't know how to change the timing.
A: The timer can be reset, if you reset at 7AM today then it resets to 7 AM The timer will pass the first set time frequency period and begin operating on the second time time period, so if you set at 7AM on Tuesday to run for 2 hours every 3 days (72Hrs) it will start at 7AM on Friday (after 3 days.) We don't sell these anymore

Solar Charging

Q: What attachments are included with the SBC solar chargers?
A: The solar chargers from Sresky include 4 mobile phone adapter tips, namely Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson But we also provide many other adapter tips, see our Charger Adapter tips category

Q: Does the EC-05 Emergency Mobile PhoneCharger have a connection for Nintendo DS lite and can it charge through a USB cord as I have a USB to DS charging cable?
A: Its not included with the standard tips but you can purchase a standard USB socket from the connectors list, select the usb socket (USB female) from the drop down selector.

Q: Which solar charger would be better for charging A blackberry mobile phone and ipod Nano when camping, either SBC-05 or soldius?
A:  Both can charge blackberrys and Ipods but you must order the tips separately if you buy the SBC-05, Look for the adapter tips on the same page as the chargers, select IPOD NANO and MINI USB. These tips are included with the Soldius. The Soldius is more powerful, it generates 1.8 watts of solar power compared to the SBC-05 with 0.7 watts. The SBC-05 had an internal storage battery so you can recharge it during the day and use at night but it won't give more than one full charge because the internal battery holds 1000mA (like a medium 1000mA AA battery). The Soldius does not have an internal storage battery so you can only recharge your device during the day but it can charge as fast as an AC adapter, it takes about 2-3 hours.

Q: Do you have an adapter tip to connect the Sresky Solar Charger to my Siemens phone?
A: Yes we carry most adapter tip to connect to mobile devices, look for adapter tips in the solar charger category and select the connector you need, call or email me if you get stuck.

Q: What are the differences in the A02 and B02 Macro Solar Backpacks?
A: The A02 and A03 backpacks have a 1.35 watts solar panel, it will take about6-8 hours to charge up the 4 AA batteries in the battery holder. The B01 and B02 backpacks have a 2.70 watts solar panel, it will take about 5-6 hours to charge up the battery pack so it more powerful, in other words the same amount of sunlight will generate more power to charge up the battery pack. If you look at the product pictures, you can click on the 'more images' link to see more pictures and you will be able to see what the battery packs look like. These Solar backpacks are being upgraded with new battery packs, due March 2010

Q: What is the difference between the Li-Ion and Ni-Mh battery packs used in the solar charging backpacks?
A:The Li-Ion battery packs are like the type used in mobile phones, only larger. The Ni-Mh type are battery holders that open up to take 4 AA rechargeable batteries. We no longer stock these

Q: Is the Macro Solar A02 Solar Backpack able to charge digital cameras?
A: Depends on the camera. The solar backpack charges up a battery pack which then can charge up your digital device via a charging cable. In order to do this you must be able to plug the backpack battery's charging cable in to your device. For instance, with a mobile phone you just attach the correct to  the phone, for your camera you need to have a charging socket on the camera, if you have a separate battery charger that requires you to remove the battery from the camera then that won't work, sorry. But If you do have a charging socket on your camera then the next step is to check the charging voltage required. Your charger will have written on it something like INPUT 240VAC OUTPUT 5.5V==300mA if the output is not more than 6V==650mA then the solar backpack will charge it up, just attach the correct tip, most cameras use a mini USB tip. We have upgraded the battery packs for these backpacks, we now supply LI-Ion battery packs with all backpacks. The Li-Ion Battery pack has a max output Voltage of 6 V and max output current of 650mA. It will not be able to charge any device than needs a higher charging voltage. The max Amperage is lower than a wall charger would provide so the solar charger will take longer to charge.

Q: Is there a solar charger that can  recharge batteries so I can take them out and use on their own?
A: Yes, The SBC-08 is a solar battery charger that can also charge mobile devices. It has a battery compartment which holds 2 AAA or 3 AA batteries that are charged up by solar energy or power from a USB port.

Q: Which phone charger adapter fits late model Nokia phones?
A:Most later models of Nokia use the 2mm round pin plug, to order just select the the new Nokia (2mm diameter) from the drop down list of adapter tips.

Q: Can the Topray 28 watt solar panel can be used to recharge Jump Starters that are normally charged from a car's 12v socket?
A: Yes, a standard jump starter is normally just a 12V SLA battery in a box. Using the supplied leads with quick connectors fitted, connect the Solar panel to the regulator and connect that to the jump starter using the 12V socket supplied with the solar kit, you can also connect the solar panel directly to the jump starter or vehicle's 12V socket without the regulator. A regulator will protect a standard 12V battery from being overcharged but as the jump starter probably has its own regulator that is not required.

Q: What brand are your solar panels in the 120w kit and where are they made?
A: All our solar panels including the solar modules used in the 12V fold-up solar panel kits are made by Suntech. The solar panel kits are made here in Australia. The kits are shipped via TNT road express directly from our distributor. Purchase through our online shop, once dispatched you will be informed of the TNT tracking number so you can track the progress of your order using our link to TNT on the delivery web page.

Q: Does the Suntech 80 watt fold-up portable solar panel come with a solar regulator and what is its maximum current capacity?

A: Yes, all the fold-up solar panels have solar regulators, the 80 watt portable solar kit has a Steca 8 amp regulator.

Q: Can I buy a solar panel kit with extra cable as I would need 10 meters at least.
A: The Suntech fold-up solar kits have 5 meters of cable as standard and you can request longer cable as an option, but it is best to keep the cable as short as possible to minimise resistance losses which means you won't get as much power to the battery.

Q: how do you send Solar panels? by Post?
A:The large solar panels are sent by road freight directly from the distributor, smaller solar apnels may be sent by post

Q: I have a 40 Watt portable Solar Panel Kit but I can't get it to charge my Engel battery. The power is going in to the controller alright from the panels and the positive output terminal is live but neither of the negative (Battery or Aux) terminals are live. Doesn't seem to have an on/off switch so presumably they should be live.
A: The Battery is fully charged already. The "charged" battery light won't light up on the regulator when it is plugged into a fully charged battery because the Engel battery stops taking on a charge when it is full, effectively not reporting to the regulator. Run the battery down and then connect it to the solar panel and the system will work.

Q: Are your solar panels multi-crystalline or mono-crystalline?
A:They can be either multi-crystalline or mono-crystalline solar panels. The product description for the solar panel will state it. 

Q: What do I need to set up solar power for a 45 watt globe to provide 4 hours of light per night?
A: A 50 watt 12V panel will provide about 180 watts of electricity from 4 hours of bright sunlight. A 40 watt will need about 5 hours of bright sunlight for the same output. Clouds and shade will drop that to about half and geographic region also matters. Your 45 watt globe will use 180 watts in 4 hours. You need a battery, there is no other option because the battery will need to store the solar energy captured by the solar panel. You will need a deep cycle battery because they can handle deep discharging, a 170 Ah should do, a normal car battery will do but will wear out sooner. You can use smaller 12 volt batteries and connect them in parallel (positive to positive, negative to negative) but parallel batteries will tend to charge and discharge unevenly and wear out sooner. you also need at least a 5 amp regulator.

Q: Is a 160 Watt 12 Volt Solar panel suitable for operating an air conditioner?
A: No, a single 160 watt panel is not enough, Small AC units use about 600 to 1000 watts every hour. You would probably need at least 6 panels to run the AC. The solar panels are just one part of a solar charging system, you also need batteries, a regulator, and inverter for AC appliances and there are other factors to consider as well, such as efficiency of the total system and hours of available sunlight.

Q: Some solar regulators burn out if you have multiple earths on the negative leg as the regulator switching function is negated, does the ProStar regulator overcome this problem?
A: I can't directly answer your query regarding multiple earths without seeing your actual setup, but the Prostar literature states:'no switching or measurement in the grounded leg' I guess that means it is not affected by the negative leg regardless of the number of tapping points. The Prostar manual states: 'The Solar, Battery, and Load negative terminals are all connected together inside the ProStar per UL recommendations. No switching or measurement is done in the negative current path. I hope that answers your question. for further reference the Prostar manual can be found online at the website.

Q: I need a solar panel and regulator for my camper van. My only concern is how to attach the solar panel to the fiberglass slightly angled roof. What do you sell that I could use to mount the solar panel on the roof?
A: That question can't be answered without knowing what you intend to use it for and details like size and number of panels, mounting and wiring can only be answered on a case by case basis. Maybe it's best not to mount solar panels to the roof, but use a portable solar setup like the 80 watt or 120 watt fold-up solar kit because you don't need to park in the sun, rather park in the  shade and place the solar panels in the sun.

Q: What type of light could run on a smaller 12 volt solar panel?
A: A 12 volt 10 watt CFL (compact fluorescent light) or CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent light) will give the same light as a 50 watt globe. The CCFLs have a G4 (2 pin) base, same as the halogen bulbs used in desk lamps.

Q: I was wondering if you could answer a few questions about the FREEDOM 80 watt solar panel kit, How many amps is the regulator? Can you supply a longer cable or extra cable as I would need 10 meters at least.
A: The Freedom kit is fitted standard with an 8amp steca regulator that is more than enough for 80w solar panels (the Rangers 120 watt portable solar panel kits are fitted standard with a 10 amp projecta regulator), Yes, we can supply longer cables, in fact we can arrange to modify kits to your requirements, give me call to discuss it.LED LIGHT Information.

Q: How long will an LED Light bulb last?
A:Good quality LED lights generally last about 50000 hours, an old fashioned light bulb will last about 1000 to 2000 hours before it is likely to burn out. An LED will not burn out but after some use it grows dimmer. When it has become about 30% dimmer it has worn out and that occurs after it has been in use for about 50000 hours or 6 years of continuous use.

Q: How should old LED Lights be disposed of?
A: LEDs are electronic components and do not have any hazardous components so do not need to to be handled as toxic waste.

Q: What are the best applications for LED Lights?
A: LED lights are best used in the home as down lights replacing Halogens and for directional illumination in torches and lamps.

Wind Turbine Information

Q: Can two 24V wind turbines be run in series off one cable leading to a 48V battery bank without causing damage?
A: No, sorry I don't advise you to, and it would invalidate your warranty. You could split the battery bank into two 24 volts systems and operate them as separate systems while using the 24v wind generators which sounds like a lot of work, or you could set them up in parallel using 48 volt controllers but again, changing the controller would invalidate your warranty. I would use a 48 volt turbine.