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Mobile Phone Solar Chargers

How to choose a solar charger for your mobile phone.
A Mobile phone solar charger differs from other types of solar charger because it uses voltages and connections specifically for mobile phones

Most are universal chargers that can be used to charge different types of mobile phones but some are made to only charge one type, like the apple iphone solar charger. It has an built-in lithium ion battery to store the charge from the solar cells .

• Solar panel: 0.44W, 17% efficiency
• Li-ion battery: 3.7V 1000mAh
• Input voltage: mini-USB, 5V
• Output voltage: USB A type, 5V 500mA
• Solar charging time: 12Hrs
• Light on: more than 5 hours (full charge)
• LED light Lumens: 60LM
• Connectors: Sony Ericsson, Nokia, iPhone/iPod, Samsung, USB Mini B
• USB Micro B lead included

So apart from the technical specifications what else makes them different? well, they should also be small enough to carry around with your phone and also weather proof to some degree so they will not be damaged by rain.