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Adapter tip 3mm round

Adapter tip 3mm round
Product Code: TP10
Availability: 15
Price: $3.90

Adapter tip 3 mm round is used on various devices including:

Motorola T191, T193, T193M, T2260, T2282, T2290, T2297, V150, V180, V185, V186, V188, V220, V220i, V2260, V2267, V2282, V2290, V2297, V2397
Magellan Maestro 3100, Maestro 4000, Maestro 4040, Maestro 4050, Maestro 5310, RoadMate 2000, RoadMate 2200T, RoadMate 3000t, RoadMate 3050T, RoadMate 6000T, RoadMate 800, RoadMate 860T, CrossoverGPS 2500T

Fit the adapter tip to the end of the solar charger output cable and plug into the device's charging port.