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oates enviro dusting mitt
The enviro dusting mitt is very effective, it can pick up more dust than alternative cleaning met..
Ex Tax: $6.35
oates enviro Glass and Chrome mitt
Chemical-Free Cleaning with the Glass and chrome cleaning mitt Ideal for the car, cleans windows,..
Ex Tax: $6.35
oates enviro Kitchen (wet area) mitt
The kitchen (wet areas) mitt cleans without chemicals or detergents Note: the green kitchen ..
Ex Tax: $6.35
Envirosafe Fly Trap
Envirosafe fly trap gets rid of flies without harmful pesticides. The Envirosafe fly trap is a pr..
Ex Tax: $8.64
Fly bait refills tub of 36 baits
Tub of 36 fly bait refills for the envirosafe fly trap Resealable tub contains 36 packets of ..
Ex Tax: $54.45
Envirosafe Jumbo Fly Trap
Envirosafe Fly Trap Large Size The Envirosafe JUMBO fly trap is ideal for rural properties, it&..
Ex Tax: $18.09
Envirosafe Jumbo Fly Trap Baits
Fly bait refills for the Envirosafe Jumbo fly trap. Each pack contains three 12 gram sachets of..
Ex Tax: $12.27
Envirosafe wasp baits
European wasp baits for the envirosafe trap. These wasp baits are used with the fly traps but i..
Ex Tax: $6.82
Envirosafe Pantry Moth Trap
Envirosafe Pantry Moth Trap. The Envirosafe pantry moth trap is the safe and environmentally fr..
Ex Tax: $10.82
Envirosafe Pot Plant Insect Trap
Envirosafe Pot Plant Insect Traps The  Envirosafe Pot Plant Insect Trap is non-toxic and e..
Ex Tax: $12.64
Fly veil head net for flies
Fly veil prevents annoying flies from crawling on your face The Envirosafe fly veil fits comfort..
Ex Tax: $4.45
Head net
Head net. A head net will protect your head and neck from flies, sand-flies and mozzies, Any seas..
Ex Tax: $6.35