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5W 12V Solar Panel Solawatt

5W 12V Solar Panel Solawatt
5W 12V Solar Panel Solawatt
Brand: SOLAWATT Solar Panels
Product Code: SW-M5W
Availability: 15
Price: $25.00

Solar Panel 5W Solawatt

Multicrystalline solar panel for standalone solar power systems.

12V Solar Panels are used for:
• Caravans, camping, boating
• Outdoor lighting
and power
• Electric fence energisers
• Remote area electricity
• Battery maintenance
• 12V battery charging
• Water pumping


Brand Solawatt
Rated Power (watts) 5
Open Circuit Voltage (volts) 22.3
Maximum Power Voltage (volts) 17.8
Short Circuit Current (amps) 0.3
Maximum Power Current (amps) 0.28
Power (Max.) 5
Temp. Range -40 to +85°C
Maximum System Voltage 1000VDC
Power Tolerance +/-3%
Nominal DC voltage 12V
Cell Technology Monocrystalline
Number of Cells 36
Size (mm) 250x185x25
Warranty 5 year product warranty; 25 year performance warranty
Weight 1.00
Junction Box Yes, openable, without leads
Connectors and Output Cables (mm) No
Temperature Coefficent (Pmp) -0.48 %/°C