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Solar Powered Exhaust Fan

Solar Powered Exhaust Fan
Solar Powered Exhaust Fan
Product Code: MP4559
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Price: $79.90

Solar Powered Exhaust Fan Ventilator for the Boat, Caravan or Shed

This stainless steel ventilation fan is purely solar powered. The solar panel will power the fan to reduce mould, mildew, moisture and excess heat build-up in boats, caravans and RVs, or anywhere else you need air extraction. Air is drawn from inside and expelled through the vent.
The solar exhaust fan is ideal for boat cabins and caravans that are closed for long periods as it will continue running without external power or manual operation required.
The fan will only run efficiently when direct sunlight falls on the solar panel as it does not have a storage battery.

    Extraction rate: 330 liters per minute

  •     No wiring or batteries required
  •     Cutout size: 150mm Diameter
  •     Wall or roof mounting
  •     Stainless steel shroud
  •     Gasket included
  •     Dimensions: 215 mm Diameter, 30 mm Height