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Ipad Iphone Ipod Solar Charger

Ipad Iphone Ipod Solar Charger
Product Code: ISOL
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Price: $19.90

Solar Charger for Ipad
This iPad solar charger is an iPad cover with a  built in solar panel It includes a cable with a standard Apple connector at one end and USB plug on the other to connect to Apple Ipads, iphones and Ipods. Inside is a built in Lithium Ion polymer battery with a capacity of 8 Amp Hours. The solar charger also has a support stand to angle it towards the sun when solar charging the Li-ion battery.
The battery can also be recharged from A USB port when there is no sun.
It has an on/off switch and battery level /charging indicator.

These solar chargers have a poor finish around the solar panels so we are offering them at reduced price with our money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their performance.
Solar panel: Mono-crystalline   3.3W/5.5V/600mA
Internal Battery: Lithium polymer with capacity: 8000MAH
Output volt: 5.5V
Output current: 2.1A
Charging time for  for internal Li-polymer battery
                                      by USB: 5 hours
                                      by solar panel 12 hours;
Includes input/output cable