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Solar Panel Long Side Mounting pads

Solar Panel Long Side Mounting pads
Solar Panel Long Side Mounting pads Solar Panel Long Side Mounting pads
Product Code: HS8854
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Price: $59.90

Solar Panel Long Side Support Mountings for Caravan Camper Boat

Now you can easily mount solar panels on the caravan, camper or boat without damaging the surface. These can be bonded to metal or fiberglass without drilling mounting holes.
Each pad has a large contact area for good adhesion and support, better than using metal strips that need to screwed or riveted to the surface.

Each solar panel mounting kit contains 2 mounting pads 500mm long made from durable ABS plastic.with Installation instructions.


  • Set of two universal solar panel spoiler mounts made from UV resistant ABS plastic
  • Can be used with any aluminium framed solar panel that has a lateral length of 50cm or more.
  • Designed  for fixing solar panels to a caravan, camper, motor home or boat.
  • Allows a 30 mm clearance between solar panel for air cooling and compensate for slighly curved surfaces.
  • The mounts are ready to fix to a solar panel and surface with 4 recessed areas  for drilling holes to fix the solar panel frame to the brackets
  • The brackets are finished in black, but are suitable for painting any other colour to match the mounting surface.
  • Can be bonded to the surface with flexible adhesives like Sikaflex, no need to drill holes.
  • The mounts also act as a wind deflector and maintain a cooling air gap between the solar panel and the surface
  • Use in conjunction with Corner Mounts and short Side Mounts with large solar panels