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Solar Panel Mounting Bracket for Caravan Boat

Solar Panel Mounting Bracket for Caravan Boat
Product Code: HS8780
Availability: 8
Price: $7.90

Universal Solar Panel Mounting Bracket

Designed for mounting solar panels individually to a fixed surface, such as the roof of a caravan, motor home, shed, or any number of other applications. Not only do these brackets provide secure and easy mounting, but they also space the panel up to provide necessary airflow.
The bracket includes a stainless steel M6 bolt and nut to attach it to the existing mounting holes in the aluminium frame of your solar panel so drilling or modification is not required to fit them.

Each bracket is sold individually, so you just have to purchase the quantity that suits your panel and application.
For example: a solar panel smaller than 40cm may only require 2 brackets while a larger solar panel may require 4 to 6 mounting brackets.

• Made from 6061 aluminium alloy
• Recommended quantity for panels up to 40W: 4
• Recommended quantity for panels 40W-200W: 6
• Spacing from mounting surface: 22mm
• Dimensions: 80(L) x 68(W) x 35(H)mm