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Solar Panel Corner Mounting Pads

Solar Panel Corner Mounting Pads
Solar Panel Corner Mounting Pads Solar Panel Corner Mounting Pads
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Solar Panel Corner Mounting Pads for Caravans and Campers

Now you can easily mount solar panels on the caravan, camper or boat without damaging the surface. These can be bonded to metal or fiberglass, no drilling required, the large contact area makes a sturdy support, better than using metal strips that need to screwed or riveted to the surface.

Pack of 4 Corner mounts for supporting a solar panel at the corners. Supports and protects the corners of flat mounted solar panels for caravans and campers. See also the side support mounts for additional support of larger solar panels, they can be used in addition to the corner mounts.
Each solar panel mounting kit contains 4 corner mounting pads 150mm x 150mm x 65mm and made from durable ABS plastic. Installation instructions included in box..


  • Set of four universal solar panel corner mounts made from UV resistant ABS plastic
  • Can be used with any aluminium framed solar panel that has a side length of 30cm or more.
  • Designed for fixing solar panels to a caravan, camper, motor home or boat
  • The mounts are ready to fix to solar panel and surface. If drilling, all fixing positions are marked on the brackets
  • The brackets are finished in black, but are suitable for painting any other colour to match the mounting surface.
  • Can be bonded to the surface with flexible adhesives like Sikaflex, no need to drill holes.
  • The mounts also act as a wind deflector and maintain a cooling air gap between the solar panel and the surface
  • Use in conjunction with Side Mounts for mounting large solar panels

Tips for installing solar panels on vehicles
There will be heavy wind forces on the solar panels and solar mountings when driving. When you mount solar panels on your caravan, RV or motor-home it will need to be mounted with an air gap between the solar panels and the roof to aid cooling in the hot sun. This gap will cause air turbulence when the vehicle is moving and will cause the solar panel to vibrate. Therefore the mounting must be firmly attached or they will eventually work loose. If using a metal mounting frame then a good flexible adhesive will be a better option that screws because screw only provide a single point of fixture whereas the adhesive, if applied correctly, will allow maximum adhesion between the the mating surface. A good tip when applying adhesive is tape off the work area with masking tape to avoid messy overflow of the sealant onto the adjacent roof surface. Also apply enough sealant to creat a thick mat of adhesive and do not press the mounts too much squeezing the layer too thin as a good layer is required to provide a nice flexible bond that will accommodate thermal expansion and also help to damp the natural tendency of the solar panel to vibrate. The mounting are agood option because they provide a broad area for adhesion and the rounded shape of the mounting pads create a streamlined profile and minimise vibration due to air flow turbulence.