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Twin Bullet Quick Connectors

Twin Bullet Quick Connectors
Twin Bullet Quick Connectors
Product Code: PP2034
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Price: $3.90

2 Pin Bullet type Plug & Socket

Twin plugs for making up quick connect cables. Heavy duty moulded plug and socket with bullet type connectors. 18 AWG red and black electrical cables approximately 27 cm long with a twin genderless plug at each end. The lead can be cut it in half to have 2 plugs, each with about 14cm of lead attached

Please note: The polarity indicated by the colour of the leads might be wrong depending on the placement of the plug in the circuit.
Always check polarity with a multimeter before connecting any plug to a live circuit.


  • 2Pin Bullet style connectors
  • One pack contains 27 cm of 18AWG wire with a twin plug at each end
  • Extremely handy when cables need to be periodically unplugged