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Solar Regulator for Camping

Solar Regulator for Camping
Solar Regulator for Camping Solar Regulator for Camping
Product Code: MP3721
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Price: $59.00

Waterproof Solar Regulator 

This is a compact waterproof solar regulator and charge controller, It uses pulse width modulation (PWM) 3 stage charging of both wet-cell and sealed lead-acid 12 volt batteries to provide optimal charging.

It is suitable for solar panels up to 140W and being water resistant is suitable for mounting outdoors.

The regulator can be be used just as a battery charge controller for outdoor camping
Reverse current flowing through the solar array is automatically blocked in this unit which removes the requirement for a separate blocking diode.
Charges wet or sealed type lead-acid batteries.

  • To charge wet cell batteries ( fluid filled)  connect the blue lead to the battery.
  • To charge sealed batteries (Gel or AGM) don't connect the blue lead.

Over current, over voltage, short circuit, over temperature and reverse polarity protections also featured.

  • Max PV open circuit voltage: 26VDC
  • Max PV short circuit current: 10A 
  • Battery voltage: 12VDC
  • Rated PV input current: 8A (10A max)
  • Load voltage 12VDC
  • Rated load current: 8 amps (10A max)
  • Battery charging voltages: SLA battery - 14.5VDC;  Wet cell battery - 14.8VDC; Float voltage: 13.8VDC
  • Standby current consumption: 7mA
  • Dimensions: 97(L)x46(W)x26(H)mm