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Magic Windup Torch

Magic Windup Torch
Magic Windup Torch Magic Windup Torch
Brand: SONTAX Magic Torches
Product Code: MT01
Availability: Discontinued
Price: $29.90
Quantity:   Discontinued

MAGIC TORCH is a powerful Wind-up LED light and Emergency Phone Charger

The Sontax magic wind up torch is weatherproof, has 5 bright and powerful LEDs and can even charge some mobile phones. Included are adapters for Nokia, Motorola, Siemens and Ericsson standard phones. Some models or makes may not fit, so send an email with your particular make and model of phone and we'll find one for you if we don't have it.


  • Dimensions  17cm x 6cm x 6cm
  • Weight 270 g
  • Internal power storage: 3 x 600mAH / 3.6V NiMh
  • Operating time:  Approximately 25 minutes high powered illumination for each minute of winding at 130 Revs/min,  therefore 2 minutes of winding  gives 50 minutes use, 3 minutes of winding  gives 75 minutes use, etc.
  • Lighting performance: 5 x 15000 mcd Nichia InGaN LED's with collimator lens, total = 75000 MCD
  • Phone charging: 420mA
  • Phone charge adapters for Nokia,Motorola,Siemens and Ericsson included, others commonly available from phone dealers. You can purchase additional connector tips for other mobile phones or gadgets but  you will need the the TP33 adapter as well
  • Typical phone performance: Approx 2 minutes talk after 1 minute  - continuous talk possible with constant winding

If you are after a smaller torch, try the Sontax mini magic torch