• Envirosafe Fly Trap

Envirosafe fly trap gets rid of flies without harmful pesticides.
The Envirosafe fly trap is a proven method of controlling flies, they are attracted and trapped in the container.
The containers are reusable and recyclable.
Each container includes a safe food based attractant, replacement 3-packs can be purchased separately.
The baits are pesticide free and harmless to animals.
An economical, effective and environmentally harmless way to control flies.

About The EnviroSafe Fly trap and fly bait
Different fly species , i.e house flies, blow flies, are attracted to different items. House flies like dairy / poultry animal waste and garbage. Blow flies are attracted only to decaying meat. Most attractants will catch one or the other. EnviroSafe fly traps will catch house flies, blow flies and a broad range of other species this makes it a unique attractant.

Additional Fly Facts
Flies remain dormant until their body temperature reaches approximately 18 C and only begin to search for food when the temperature is above 20 C. Flies search low so the fly traps are most effective when they are placed 45cm or less from ground level. Flies like heat, light low wind - place trap where they can receive the most sunlight. Even trapped flies will lay eggs, larvae will not survive in water. It is important to add water above level of trapped flies to kill larvae. Flies can be attracted from a distance of approximately 20 meters from the trap.

How to use the fly trap

  • Remove inner label from trap.
  • Empty contents of bait sachet into the fly trap container.
  • Add luke warm water to fill about half of the container.
  • Swirl to mix.
  • Place in direct sunlight
  • Lasts for 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Top up the water regularly as it will reduce due to evaporation.
  • Keep the water level above the level of dead flies to kill of the maggots.
  • When the bottle is almost full it should be emptied and new bait solution added.
  • It's  perfectly safe to bury the contents in the garden.

Envirosafe Fly Trap

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