• Envirosafe Pot Plant Insect Trap

Envirosafe Pot Plant Insect Traps

The  Envirosafe Pot Plant Insect Trap is non-toxic and eco friendly. It is a cost effective environmentally friendly way to trap and monitor against aphids, white fly and other flying insects and it's safe to use in potted herb gardens and other edible crops.

  • Each pack contains 6 traps and metal stakes
  • For use indoor and outdoor pot plants
  • Safe to use around food crops
  • Non- toxic, no chemicals used
  • Environmentally friendly

How the pot plant insect trap works
Flying insect pests are attracted to the yellow sticky petals and become trapped on the sticky surface. The insect traps will not dry out and can be used unil the whole surface is covered in trapped insects.

When to use the envirosafe  pot plant  insect pest traps
Best results are achieved when the traps are used early in the growing season before the insect population develops.

Envirosafe Pot Plant Insect Trap

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