• Fly Swatter

Fly Swatter made with recycled mesh and wire

Handmade from galvanized wire intertwined and bonded to reinforced mesh that has been recycled from fly screen, the fly swat has the right weight and flexibility to kill flies and bugs with a single flick of the wrist. Made so tough we give a lifetime guarantee, if it breaks, we replace it.
So if you want the toughest fly swatter in the world, here it is, handmade locally in Western Australia.

Size - overall length: 55cm, Swatter mesh: 15cm x 14cm

How to swat a fly.
Don't laugh, it's not that easy, flies can detect movement toward them and fly away in less in than a quarter of a second, taking off backwards, so try to approach the fly from behind.
Let the tip of the fly swatter do the work. Wait for the fly to land on a flat vertical surface like a wall. Approach the prey stealthily with the fly swatter in a vertical position and swing through a quarter-circle using a flicking movement with loose wrist. The arc of the swat must end just as the swatter reaches the fly to allow the tip to make a whipping movement. The tip of the fly swat will flick the now-suddenly-deceased fly off the surface without splattering the surface.


Fly Swatter

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