• Envirosafe Window Sticker Fly Trap

The Envirosafe Fly Sticker Trap for Windows
This ingenious fly trap is attractive little sticker with a sunflower printed on it so it looks like an picture sticker but it actually traps flies with a powerful attractant and adhesive. Each pack contains 4 stickers.

  • Attractive way to rid your home of flies
  • Ready to use
  • Long lasting
  • Traps flies instantly
  • Non toxic and pesticide free
  • Four 95mm x 95mm stickers per pack

Directions for use

  • Peel off the protective backing paper to expose the picture of the sunflower.
  • Stick to the inside of a window, preferable near the bottom corner of window in an inconspicuous position behind curtains.
  • Remove the top protective cover to expose the sticky surface.
  • For best results choose sunlit windows.

Envirosafe Window Sticker Fly Trap

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  • Ex Tax: $4.54

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