• Osram Dot-it Linear LED light

LED Lights - Osram Linears are perfect for giving a wider beam of pure white LED light
These linear LED lights are really versatile with 3 LEDS spread to give a wide illumination. The adhesive backing comes cleanly off surfaces when you need to remove or you can use the included velcro or magnetic backing plate to attach the lights to most surfaces.
Three ultra-bright LEDs turn night into day.
Smooth elegant styling makes it attractive anywhere, whether you need to illuminate the balcony, a bookcase or your bedside table.
Just stick it where you need a light.
Click on and off by pressing the front of the light, it's really a clever design, no fumbling in dark for light switches.
Batteries included, powered by 3 x AAA batteries that provide approximately 100 hours of light.
Available in Silver only
Size: 180mm length, 50mm width,  25mm height

In the car
On the dash
In the boot

In the house
For those sudden black outs
In cupboards
Next to your child’s bed
For dark hallways
Funky décor
In the garage

Out and about
In tool and tackle boxes
In the camper
In the tent
On the boat
Easily accessible emergency light

We also have the round Osram Dot-it LED lights

Osram Dot-it Linear LED light

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