• Magic torch Bike Kit

LED bike lights, dynamo power bicycle wind-up LED head light and red LED rear light.

The LED lights have powerful 5 LEDs to give a bright light that is recharged by hand-cranking the handle for several minutes.
The headlight also has a power outlet to recharge mobile phones using the included 3-way adapter for Samsung, motorola and sony-ericsson.
Has a clock and stopwatch function.


  • Headlight can be removed from its mounting to use as a hand torch
  • Back red LED light is recharged by the main LED head light.
  • The kit includes mounting brackets.
  • Headlight size is 17cm x 6cm x 6cm and  Weight  is 270gm.
  • Internal power storage is a 600mAH NiMh battery with output of 3.6V .
  • Headlight operating modes: 1 LED on, 5 LEDs on, steady or flashing.
  • Also has clock and stopwatch.
  • Rear light is red, operating modes are steady on or flashing.
  • Operating time is approximately 25 minutes of high powered LED illumination for each minute of winding at 130 Revs/min, therefore 2 minutes of winding gives 50 minutes use, 3 minutes of winding gives 75 minutes use, etc.
  • Lighting is 5 x 15000 mcd Nichia InGaN LED's with collimated lens, total = 75000 MCD.
  • The LED head light also has an emergency mobile phone charger


  • Phone charger is 1300 mA with adaptors for Nokia, Motorola, Siemens and Ericsson included.
  • Typical phone performance: Approx 3 minutes talk after 1 minute winding, continuous talk possible with constant winding.
  • Operating time for radio approx 15-20 mins for 1 min winding, FM range 87.5-108Mhz, AM range 525-1605Khz
  • Rear LED light is charged from main LED torch dynamo.

PLEASE NOTE  These wind up torches are being sold cheaply ( retail price is $45 ) because they have been in stock for a long time and the batteries are completely flat so you will need to wind for about 30 minutes – not all at once, just wind a couple of minutes at a time – before using the light. Also the mobile phone plugs will only fit old model phones and won’t fit the new phones. Apart from that they are great torches, the back light can be plugged in to charge it from the main torch and then used on its own without connecting to the main torch.

The battery pack inside the torch is a 3.6V rechargeable Ni-MH battery - shown below, We will replace the old one with a new one for an extra $20 or you can buy one from Jaycar and replace it youself. Their stock number is SB1645.
3.6V 650mAH Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery

Magic torch Bike Kit

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