• Portable Solar Panels 4watts 12volts

Portable Solar panel kit 4 watts 12 volts

Portable solar panels are becoming very popular but most folding panels are quite large and bulky so its great to be able to offer a smaller version of the popular briefcase style solar panel kits for smaller solar power needs.

This little solar kit would be handy for charging up smaller batteries while out camping.

The 4 watt amorphous solar panels provide about 220mA current in full sunlight, that is not enough to actually charge up a 12 volt car battery but it will be able to provide a trickle charge to keep a medium sized 12 volt battery topped up.

It can also double as solar charger for mobile phones and other small devices that have small batteries and can be charged using their  car charger.

The kit comes with two cables, one with battery clamps and another lead with a cigarette plug that plugs in a car cigarette socket to trickle charge the car battery.
Contact us for other connection options.


  • Solar panels: Amorphous
  • Pmax: 4 Watts
  • Voltage (Vmp): 18 Volts
  • Current (Imp): 220mA
  • Dimensions closed: 237 x 229 x 34mm
  • Dimensions open: 237 x 445 x 17mm

Portable Solar Panels 4watts 12volts

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