• PowerFilm 20 Watt Foldable Solar Panel

20 Watt Fold-up Solar Panel for Travellers

This portable solar panel folds up into a lightweight, durable and extremely portable solar panel. The solar panels are mounted to a lightweight, weather resistant fabric that easily folds for storage and unfolds for use.
The 20 Watt Foldable Solar Charger fits easily into most bags or rucksacks and weighs only 580 grams, which makes it the perfect accessory to provide 12V power. Unmatched durability allows for use in even the harshest environments and PowerFilm’s proprietary processes produces a panel that works even after being punctured. Unlike “CIGS” solar technology, PowerFilm A-Si solar modules do not need to be “sun soaked” after storage, they provide critical power immediately when placed in the sun. The included 12V car charger adapter socket (Female CLA) provides direct solar power to any device with a 12V car charger.

Amorphous silicon cells
Solar Operating Voltage 15.4V
Solar Operating Current 1.2 Amps
Weight 0.58 kg
Folded Dimensions 279 x 165 x 26 mm
Unfolded Dimensions 805 x 762 mm
Operating Voltage and Operating Current at AM 1.5. Power performance may vary +/- 10% due to temperature variation, spectral variation, and related effects.

How the charger works:

  1. Place the charger solar-side up in the sun.
  2. Connect your device to the charger using a male 12V CLA (cigarette lighter adapter) and the included female 12V CLA.
  3. Optionally, the charger can be connected directly to a 12V battery for battery charging and power storage.
  4. Note - There is no storage battery so the the charger will only produce DC power while in the sun.

PowerFilm 20 Watt Foldable Solar Panel

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