• Backpack solar Panel

The backpack solar panel from Sresky is a tough portable solar panel that can be strapped to your backpack to charge up your mobile device while you walk or cycle. It has an output of 6volts at 200 milli-amps. It can be used to directly charge Mobile Phones, PDA’s, MP3,MP4 and iPods. IT will NOT charge iphones.

Use it to charge up the PE01 storage battery which can be used on its own to charge digital devices. Ideal for campers and hikers.
The portable solar panel has a tough canvas backing and clear plastic cover for protection. It has an adjustable strap, two clips and four eyelets to allow it to be securely attached to a backpack for mobile power or anywhere else you may decide to attach it.

How to use the backpack solar panel:
The backpack solar panel  can be used directly to charge Mobile Phones, MP3, MP4, Ipods, etc.  First connect the output cable to the USB socket of the solar panel  and the correct adapter for your device to the other end of the output cable. Then plug into the socket of the device. Place the solar panel so as to obtain maximum sunlight and charging will commence.
To extend the capability of the backpack solar panel we also recommend using one of the emergency mobile phone chargers  which can be charged by the solar panel and used as a portable power supply for your mobile phone, etc.


  • Output:6Volts / 200mAmps
  • Power:1.2 Watts
  • Solar Panel size180mm by 140mm
  • Overall size 250mm by 170mm
  • Solar Panel Life-span:more than 10 years
  • Operating Temperature:-20℃-80℃
  • Made to Rohs standard.

USB cable: Connect to USB socket on portable solar  panel
Adapter Connector Plugs Included:
Mini USB 5pin USB Mini 5pin
Adapter tip for Sony Ericsson Sony Ericson
Adapter tip for Samsung A288 Samsung A288

We have more adapter tips, please go to Solar Charger Connectors

Backpack solar Panel

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