• Mini Solar Charger SBC32

Mini Solar charger for Mobile Phones including iPhones

This mini solar charger will hold a small charge for emergency use for mobile phones It can be recharged using the solar panel and it also can be charged from a USB port . Very useful as an emergency backup charger that can be kept in a pocket or handbag as it is only about 10cm long and very light.
An LED indicator show battery level during charging and discharging shows solar power and an indicator light strip lets you know that your iPod or iPhone are being charged.

You can charge from sunlight via the solar panel or just slide out the USB tab to connect it a  USB port to charge the 600mAh internal Li-ion battery.
LED indicator shows battery level (of the solar charger, not the mobile phone)
Small and light for use as an emergency charger.

Operation Instruction

  • Charges the internal battery via solar panel in or the USB connection
  • Led indicator shows solar charger battery level
  • To Charge your mobile phone connect the USB cable to the USB oultet port and connect one of the supplied mobile phone tips (4 supplied with charger)

solar panel: 5.5V / 45mA / 250mWt
Li-ion battery: 3.7V / 600mAh
USB Output: 5.0V / 500mA
Charging time for mobile phone: 1-2 hours
Charging time for internal Lithium battery using PC adapter (advanced charge management features internal circuitry for Li-ion battery constant voltage safety): 2 hours
Charging time for internal Lithium battery using solar panel: 13 hours

Mobile Phone Plugs Included with Sresky Solar Chargers: 
Mini USB 5pin miniUSB Adapter tip for Sony Ericsson Ericson Adapter tip for Samsung A288 Samsung Adapter tip for Nokia 2mm round pin Nokia
To see more adapter tips, please go to Solar Charger Connectors

Mini Solar Charger SBC32

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