• Solar Charger SBC05

Solar Charger - 3 piece solar charger that you can carry in your pocket

This is one of the most popular solar chargers from Sresky and sold all over the world because it small yet powerful and looks cool. You will never need to worry about flat batteries when you have this solar charger for use any time, day or night.
It is a compact unit when closed, with 2 removable solar panels that clip on at each end of the charger to give a large solar collection area for such a compact unit.
Once charged up the the two solar panels are placed facing each other and clipped on to the main piece to make a smaller unit, or they can left off and the middle part containing the battery section can be carried separately, just slip in your pocket and use it to charge up your phone or other device when needed.
Charging time is fast, taking about one hour to fully charge a typical mobile phone.
Note: The SBC05 is marketed elsewhere as the "Freeloader" This is exactly the same solar charger.


  • Made of aluminium alloy
  • Detachable solar panels
  • Charging times: Mobile phone charged by internal battery in 1-2Hrs; Internal battery charged by solar power in 8-10Hrs or through USB cable/PC in 3-4Hrs
  • LED light indicates when charging internal battery and discharging (charging up a mobile device)


  • Solar output: 5.5V/120mA/0.66W
  • USB charging cable charging from PC 5V/500mA  
  • Internal LI-ion rechargeable battery: 3.7V/1000mAH  
  • Charging output: 5.5V/500mA
  • Standby current less than 0.15mA 
  • Integrated circuit reverse current protection against battery over-discharge  
  • Constant voltage: 4.2V
  • Size: closed 123 x 62 x 18mm  
  • Net weight: 218Grams

Adapter Connector Plugs Included:
Mini USB 5pin USB Mini 5pin
Adapter tip for Sony Ericsson Sony Ericson
Adapter tip for Samsung A288 Samsung A288
Adapter tip for Nokia 2mm round pin
Nokia 2mm

We have more adapter tips, please go to Solar Charger Connectors

Solar Charger SBC05

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