• Soldius Solar Charger

The Soldius solar charger uses solar power directly from the sun

In constructing the solar charger, Soldius have designed a universal battery charger from the best quality solar cells and with a sleek stylish look. Unlike other solar chargers, It does not have an internal battery, but don't let that fool you, this little gem of engineering will recharge your mobile phone in just a few hours using its intelligent charger electronics that recognizes the type of mobile phone or device being charged and adjusts the charging power accordingly.
The solar panels generate almost 2 watts of power, that's twice as much as similar solar chargers and it's why the Soldius does not need an internal battery; it can charge a mobile phone a couple of hours, in fact just 10 minutes will give a dead phone about 50% charge and just a couple of minutes in the sun will give enough power to charge your phone for emergency use.

The Soldius is a truly green small solar panel for charging mobile phones and small personal electronic devices.
The solar chatgerl is easy to use:

  1. Open the solar charger and angle it to expose the solar panels to get maximum sunlight
  2. Connect the cable end to the connector tip for your mobile phone or portable device
  3. Plug the one end into the solar charger  and theconnector tip in the mobile phone's charging socket.
  4. The charging process will begin within 30 seconds.

Included are connectors for common models of Nokia, Sony- Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens and Samsung mobile phones (see MORE IMAGES) and 2 extra connectors for Ipod mini and shuffle.

PLEASE NOTE: The adapter tips supplied by Soldius are different to the tips we sell on this website, if you require additional adapter tips for other mobile phones or gadgets then use the  TP33 adapter lead  that is included with the kit. Join it to  the nokia tip ( round plug ) which is in turn connected to  the Soldius charging cable then connect the TP33 adapter cable to any of the tips HERE as required.  Please contact us for more advice.

Important notes:

  1. The soldius does NOT have an internal battery. It will only charge up a mobile phone while in bright sunlight.
  2. It does NOT have enough power to recharge the latest iPhones 4 and 5 as these phone require a higher amperage to initiate their charging sequence.


  • Highest quality mono crystalline solar cells
  • Small and light, will fit into your pocket
  • Universal to most electronic devices
  • Low cost - High benefit
  • Proven environmentally friendly
  • Dimensions:  140 x 80 x 10mm
  • Weight:  230 grams
  • Internal Battery:  Not required
  • Rated output direct sunlight:  5.6 V- 320mA -1.78Watts
  • Charging time direct sunlight:  2-3 hours
  • MSPTĀ® inside
  • Warranty:  1 year

Soldius Solar Charger

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