Solar Power for Camping and Caravans

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12 Volt Solar Power

Solar power systems for camping and caravans use 12 volt solar panels and solar regulators to charge 12 volt batteries. The volts can be multiplied to provide 24 or 48 volts but is always stored as DC power. To run AC appliances the DC power must be converted to AC by a power inverter.

Main benefits of solar panels

How to select solar panels Components of a solar kit
  • Camping and caravan solar panels can charge all types of 12V and 24V batteries
  • They are used to charge the batteries instead of a using a noisy generator
  • Solar panels are quiet and eco friendly
  • They have no moving parts and will last for many years
  • 12V solar panels can be portable solar kits or installed permanently on a caravan roof
  • Add up the daily power consumption of all your camping or caravan appliances
  • Choose the size of battery required to supply this amount of power
  • Then choose the size solar panel required to recharge the daily battery usage
  • Solar panel
  • Solar panel mounting bracket or stand
  • Solar regulator to charge the battery and monitor battery usage
  • Deep cycle battery (these are best for daily power usage but any 12V lead acid battery will do)
  • Adequate wiring to connect the solar panels, regulator and battery
  • Optional inverter to convert battery power to run small AC appliances.

Solar Power for Camping and Caravans