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Eco Friendly Pest Control
Envirosafe fly trap gets rid of flies without harmful pesticides.
The Envirosafe fly trap is a proven method of controlling flies, they are attracted and trapped in the container.
The containers are reusable and recyclable.
The baits used are pesticide free and harmless to animals.
Fly traps are safe and eco friendly Fly bait refills for the envirosafe fly trap

Non-toxic - safe around children and pets.

Each pack contains three 4gram packets of bait.
These envirosafe fly baits are the safest method to eliminate flies.
Fly traps are safe and eco friendly
Fly Swatter made with recycled mesh and wire

Handmade locally from galvanized wire intertwined and bonded to reinforced mesh that has been recycled from fly screen,the fly swat has the right weight and flexibility to kill flies and bugs.
Limited supply, only a few left
Fly traps are safe and eco friendly Fly and Mozzy head net.
The Envirosafe head net will protect your head and neck from flies, sand-flies and mozzies, an absolute necessity for protection from biting mosquitoes and flies when travelling in the bush or even taking a walk in the evening.


Eco Friendly Pest Control - 12 Volt Solar Power

12 Volt Solar Power
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