DIY Solar Charger

DIY Solar Charger

This solar charger kit will recharge any small devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, notebook computers and ipads. Plug in a small inverter and it will even supply power to AC adapters and other small AC appliances.
The solar charger kit consists of a battery in a carry bag and a fold-up solar panel. It can be expanded by incorporating an inverter and additional adapters.
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12V solar battery for portable solar light



carry bag for solar light battery





The 7.2 Amp-hour battery is held in a battery bag with a carry strap and a car cigarette lighter attachment (CLA) socket for plugging in any device with a car charger

The battery is charged by the 4 watt briefcase style fold-up solar panel which comes with two leads: one lead has cigarette lighter plug  which will plug into the CLA socket in the battery bag  to charge the battery from the solar panel, and another lead with battery clips that can be used to charge another 12V battery when the one in the bag is being used as a charging station.

The solar charger kit can be expanded by adding a small inverter for connecting to small AC powered devices like wall chargers and small devices that usually plug into a wall socket

Add a couple of useful accessories like a double adapter CLA socket so more than one car charger can be plugged in at any one time, and a car charger double USB adapter for recharging devices like iphones and smartphones that have USB charging cables.

This kit will allow you to have a versatile solar charging kit capable of reliably recharging and powering any small device.

If you need more power then speak to us about making up similar kits with larger 12V solar panels and batteries