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LED Torches

LED Lights make Excellent Torches
They use the best features of LEDs ( light emitting diodes) because LED light is directional and can be focused in a tight beam, it does not radiate in all directions like the old types of torch bulbs.
Torch batteries will last much longer when powering LEDs because they only use a fraction of the power to product the same amount of light intensity.

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1watt LED head torch
LED head torch for camping and fishing 1 watt LED head torch provides bright white light for hands-free tasks. Includes 4 frontal LEDs in..
Ex GST: $31.36
LED Bike light and underwater torch
Compact 5 LED bike light is also a 20m diving torch This small LED torch is very versatile and can be fixed to a bike as a bike headlight..
Ex GST: $9.00
Osram Dot-it Linear LED light
LED Lights - Osram Linears are perfect for giving a wider beam of pure white LED light These linear LED lights are really versatile with ..
Ex GST: $13.55
Sontax LED Headlamp
This LED head light with adjustable headstrap is great for hands-free illumination The LED headlamp is ideal for fishing and camping or..
Ex GST: $9.00