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Portable Chargers

Portable Chargers and Battery Packs for Mobile phones and Laptops
A portable power pack or power supply is a useful addition to any good portable solar power kit.
Some are designed to be used specifically with a certain solar kit, like the Powergorilla and Solargorilla, but they all can be charged from any other power source like an wall power point, USB port or a standard solar charger.

Most battery packs use Li-Ion Batteries
Li-Ion batteries are light yet powerful, so are used in portable battery packs and solar chargers. In addition to great power to weight ratios they are eco friendly because they do not contain any hazardous metals like lead or cadmium.

LI-Ion batteries do not have a charging memory
Another great improvement of Li-Ion batteries is that they do not need to be fully discharged like the Ni-cads as they don't suffer from the memory effect, where a battery can't be fully recharged if they are repeatedly recharged after being only partially discharged. Lithium ion cells will always fully recharge.

LI-ION Batteries hold their charge longer
Most batteries will go flat even when not used but Li-Ions will last 3 to 4 times longer than older types so they are suitable for use in emergency backup chargers and lights.
There are many great advances being made in battery technology and we can expect power to weight ratios dropping and shelf life being extended to provide better, smaller, more compact power packs.

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Emergency Mobile Phone Charger
Universal mobile phone charger recharges from a USB port Only 8cm long, it's a pocket-sized universal charger for your mobile while you..
Ex GST: $13.55
Mini Emergency Mobile Phone Charger
A compact yet powerful rechargeable USB mobile phone charger Only 9cm long, it's one of the smallest rechargeable emergency charger ava..
Ex GST: $13.55
Minigorilla Portable Power for Netbooks
Universal Portable Charger and Power Pack For e-readers, camcorders, mobile phones and new Ipads and netbooks that require a 19v DC inp..
Ex GST: $154.09
Powerchimp portable charger for mobile phone
Lightweight portable charger that fits in your pocket to power up your devices day to day or in an emergency. Supplied with two rech..
Ex GST: $54.09
Powergorilla 12V Car Socket
Car Charger Socket for PowerGorilla This 12V car socket to plugs in to the Powergorilla and Solargorilla. It connects to any device tha..
Ex GST: $9.08
Powergorilla portable battery
Portable power pack for laptops and mobile devices Powergorilla is the portable charger to keep your notebook going for several hours ...
Ex GST: $271.82
Powermonkey portable charger
Portable charger for mobile phone, iPod / iPhone, PDA ,PSP and more The powermonkey's lithium-Ion battery can recharge a mobile phone f..
Ex GST: $54.45
Powertraveller iPad Connector for Power Gorilla, Solar Gorilla and Mini Gorilla
iPad Connector for Power Gorilla, Solar Gorilla and Mini Gorilla Powertraveller tip to charge Apple iPad with the minigorilla, powergoril..
Ex GST: $13.55
12V Battery Pack
This tough carry bag with a shoulder strap and 12V Socket turns any suitable 12V battery into a portable 12 volt power pack. It's made fr..
Ex GST: $18.14
Emergency Mobile Phone Charger
Mobile phone charger uses 2 AA batteries and recharges from a USB port Less than 9cm long, in fact only slightly larger than 2 AA batte..
Ex GST: $18.09