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Pest control

Fly Swatter
Fly Swatter made with recycled mesh and wire Handmade from galvanized wire intertwined and bonded to reinforced mesh that has been recy..
Ex GST: $18.09
Envirosafe Window Sticker Fly Trap
The Envirosafe Fly Sticker Trap for Windows This ingenious fly trap is attractive little sticker with a sunflower printed on it so it loo..
Ex GST: $4.54
Envirosafe Fly Trap
Envirosafe fly trap gets rid of flies without harmful pesticides. The Envirosafe fly trap is a proven method of controlling flies, they a..
Ex GST: $8.64
Envirosafe Fly Trap bait refills
Fly bait refills for the envirosafe fly trap Non-toxic - safe around children and pets. Each pack contains three 4gram packets of ba..
Ex GST: $6.82
Fly bait refills tub of 36 baits
Tub of 36 fly bait refills for the envirosafe fly trap Resealable tub contains 36 packets of bait. Each packet contains 4 grams o..
Ex GST: $54.45
Envirosafe Jumbo Fly Trap
Envirosafe Fly Trap Large Size The Envirosafe JUMBO fly trap is ideal for rural properties, it  holds a larger quantity of attract..
Ex GST: $18.09
Envirosafe Jumbo Fly Trap Baits
Fly bait refills for the Envirosafe Jumbo fly trap. Each pack contains three 12 gram sachets of bait for attracting and trapping large ..
Ex GST: $12.27
Envirosafe Wasp Trap
The Envirosafe Wasp Trap operates in the same way as the fly trap, except that is designed to attract wasps instead of flies. The contain..
Ex GST: $13.18
Envirosafe wasp baits
European wasp baits for the envirosafe trap. These wasp baits are used with the fly traps but instead of the fly bait these wasp baits ..
Ex GST: $6.82
Envirosafe Pantry Moth Trap
Envirosafe Pantry Moth Trap. The Envirosafe pantry moth trap is the safe and environmentally friendly way to trap moths and weevils tha..
Ex GST: $10.82
Envirosafe clothes moth trap
Envirosafe Clothes Moth Trap. The envirosafe clothes moth trap is designed to alert you to a clothes moth problem, it will not kill the..
Ex GST: $10.82
Envirosafe Cockroach Trap
Envirosafe Cockroach Trap Eliminate cockroaches and crawling insects without using pesticides. How to use the cockroach trap Ass..
Ex GST: $11.81
Envirosafe Pot Plant Insect Trap
Envirosafe Pot Plant Insect Traps The  Envirosafe Pot Plant Insect Trap is non-toxic and eco friendly. It is a cost effective envi..
Ex GST: $12.64
Fly veil head net for flies
Fly veil prevents annoying flies from crawling on your face The Envirosafe fly veil fits comfortably over your hat to protect your head ..
Ex GST: $4.45
Head net
Head net. A head net will protect your head and neck from flies, sand-flies and mozzies, Any seasoned bush traveler will tell you its an ..
Ex GST: $6.35
New Mountain 2 hour Sandalwood Mosquito Repellant Sticks
Shoo those mozzies away, naturally, with New Mountain Aromatic sandalwood incense sticks for use at barbeques, camping, fishing or place ..
Ex GST: $6.30
New Mountain 3 hour Sandalwood Mosquito Repellant Sticks
Don’t use nasty chemical sprays, try natural sandalwood sticks Aromatic sandalwood incense sticks, use at barbeques, camping, fishing o..
Ex GST: $6.82
New Mountain 6 hour Sandalwood Mosquito Repellant Sticks
The mosquitoes won’t bother you when you have these natural sandalwood sticks These long-lasting aromatic sandalwood sticks will last f..
Ex GST: $9.91
New Mountain Portable Sandalwood Stick Diffuser
A handy portable holder and aroma diffuser for the 2Hr sticks This portable metal holder includes an attachable spike for securing in t..
Ex GST: $22.64
New Mountain Sandalwood Stick Diffuser
Enjoy relaxing on the verandah while keeping the mozzies away This is a very stable sandalwood holder and diffuser for all stick sizes, i..
Ex GST: $27.27