Solar Power for Sheds

Battery Solar regulator Battery Fuse DC Power outlet wiring Inverter

Solar powered Shed

Use 12V DC battery power to operate lights fans, fridges and appliances that run on 12V DC
or convert the DC to 240 Volts AC for running AC appliances and wall chargers for power tools.
Anyone can install these low voltage solar power systems using our detailed installation guides.
How it all works

  1. Solar panel - generates DC power (volts and amps) to charge the lead acid battery.
  2. Battery - stores the solar power and provides a steady power supply to the load.
  3. Solar regulator - regulates the solar volts and amps ensure the battery is charged properly.
  4. Battery Fuse - safety measure to cut power if the maximum allowable current flow is exceeded.
  5. DC Power outlet - provides DC power for LED lights, car chargers, etc.
  6. Inverter - Provides 230 volts AC power to run small AC appliances.