12 Volt Solar Power

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Solar panels used for camping are not the same as the solar panels you see installed on a suburban home roof
Why? Because they are designed to provide 12 volts or 24 volts, the voltage commonly used for camping and caravan power. Solar panels for homes produce a higher voltage that is converted to AC electricity for powering home appliances.
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Did you know a 100 watt solar panel will probably only deliver about 70 watts to your battery? And a 12 volt solar panel will actually put out approximately 18 volts in full sunlight? “But that’s better”, you say. After all 18 volts is better than 12 volts. Yes, but… let’s delve a bit deeper.
Let’s set up a small solar panel to make up a solar charger for a 12 volt battery...
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A solar charger is essentially a solar panel connected to a battery. Sunlight falls on the solar panel and some of it is converted to an electric charge. The size of the charge depends on the exposed surface area of the solar cell and the amount of sunlight absorbed into the cells. The solar panel is connected to a suitable battery to accumulate and store the charge.
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A solar regulator (also known as a charge controller) is used in a stand-alone solar power generation system.
It is connected between a solar panel and storage battery to regulate the charging level to the battery.
A basic 12 volt solar power setup requires a 12 volt solar panel and a solar regulator.
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