• Mini Notebook/Netbook 12V power supply

12V Mini Notebook and Netbook power supply with car charger

A versatile 12 volt or 5 volt power supply with dual outputs! Power your mini notebook or Netbook with the the CLA (cigarette lighter adapter) connected to a 12V portable solar panel or car CLA. Attach the appropriate DC tip and this device automatically detects and charges your mini-notebook PC at the correct voltage.  It also has a USB port to charge your many gadgets such as iPod®, MP3 player, mobile phone, digital camera, etc.

Includes changeable DC tips to fit the most popular mini-notebook models including Acer Aspire One, Sony Vaio P Series, Dell Inspiron Mini, HP Mini, MSI Wind Netbook and Asus Eee PC.

• 7 interchangeable colour-coded DC tips
• Input: 12VDC
• Dual output: 12-24VDC 50W, and 5VDC 1A USB
• Dimensions: 93(L) x 30(W) x 30(H)mm

Plug Tips included

  •     RED 19V, OD 5.5mm, ID 2.1mm  for  Acer, NEC, IBM
  •     YELLOW 19V - OD 5.5mm, ID 1.5mm forAcer, Aspire One, Dell Netbook
  •     GREEN 19V - OD 4.1 mm, ID 1.7mm for HP Mini Series
  •     BLUE 19V - OD 5.5 mm, ID 2.5mm for MSI Wind Netbook
  •     WHITE 19V - OD 4.75 mm, ID 1.7mm  for Asus, Ben Q, NEC, HP/Compaq
  •     PURPLE 19V - OD 5.5 mm, ID 0.9mm for Samsung
  •     ORANGE 12V - OD 4.75 mm, ID 1.7mm - for EeePC

PLEASE NOTE: These universal charger kits fit most models of the brands listed, but even though you brand is listed it does not mean that the specified tip will fit as some models may be different, so check the actual dimensions of the tip (OD - outside diameter and ID - inside diameter)  to see that it matches the power socket of your model.

For laptops and large notebooks see our 150 watt laptop power supply.


Mini Notebook/Netbook 12V power supply

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