• Mini Emergency Mobile Phone Charger

A compact yet powerful rechargeable USB mobile phone charger

Only 9cm long, it's one of the smallest rechargeable emergency charger available.
It is an AA battery charger, charge the battery, take it out and use where needed.
3 mobile phone plugs included.
Uses a rechargeable AA cell (not included).
Includes a USB cable to recharge it from your computer's USB port, no need to carry spare batteries.
Small enough for your pocket or bag to recharge your phone without needing an AC adapter.
It even has a little LED torch light.
Supplied with 3 mobile phone adapters, other connector adapters available on request.
Phone recharging time: 4~5Hrs Talk time: about 3.5hrs.
USB charging cable will recharge AA cells in 2-4 hours.
Standby time approximately 30 days.
Supply current to device is 350mAmps.
LED mini torch light function, so it's a torch too!

Connection adapters supplied:
Blackberry/Motorola E680 E680I A780 A668 RAZR V3 V3I PEBL U6 V360 C362 C305 C363 V320 A732 V191 SLVR L7 L6 A1200PEBEL、V323 V325 E1070 E770v KRZR K1 L2 L6 PEBL V6  RIZR V3x E6802 E610 V3I V3C E680 E615 E685 V235 BLACKBERRY 6210 6230 6510 6280 7280 7230 7130 7250 7510 7110 7100 LG G1800 MR220 MPX200 E680I TV190 HTC S 620 motorola Qtec 8500
Nokia 3210 3310 5120 5125 5160 5165 5180 5185 5190 5210 6160 6162 6161 6185 6190 6150 6210 6250 6510 7110 7210 7160 7650 8250 8260 8290 8810 8850 8860 8890 8910 3360 3390 3410 3510 6110 5110 2100
Ericsson T28 R310 R320 A2618S R520m T29 T39 R380 T65 T66 T68 T60 R600 T20

Do you need a different tip? see our solar charger connectors for more adapter tips or contact us  if you are not sure which adapter tip you  need.

Mini Emergency Mobile Phone Charger

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