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6 volt round solar panel 1watt

6 volt round solar panel 1watt
6 volt round solar panel 1watt 6 volt round solar panel 1watt
Product Code: MONO-6V-1W-RND
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Round Solar Panel 1W 6V

A round  solar panel suitable for kit makers and DIY applications. The measured short circuit current is just over 220mA and open circuit voltage is 7.2V. This would be suitable for charging battery packs from 3.6V to 6V. Be careful when charging Li-Ion batteries of less than 1000mAh that they do not overcharge and overheat, this would not be likely when charging batteries of 1000 mAh or larger.

Two modules can be connected in series to double the voltage for charging 7.2V and 9V batteries. Series-parallel configurations can be used to increase the current as well as the voltage.

Solar panel construction details
A 130mm round  solar panel  composed of  mono-crystalline solar cells embedded in PET lamination. The module has unsealed edges and does not have leads are attached. Use care when soldering leads to the contact points as excessive heat will damage the module.

Dimensions 130mm diameter, 3mm thickness
Weight 55 g
Pmax 1.08 W
Isc 0.22 A
Voc 7.22V
Vmp 6.0 V 
Imp 0.18A